Abdulkadir Konukoglu Special Education Vocational School

As Firat Kindergarten and Primary School, which offered daytime education for the hearing impaired individuals within the body of Ozdemirbey Primary School in Sahinbey district of Gaziantep, was moved to the building of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Primary School, which was vacated by the governor’s office, a special education school serving daytime for mentally disabled students was opened by the ministerial consent, dated 03.10.1996 and numbered 2964, under the name Firat Kindergarten and Primary School, and started to operate in the academic year of 1996-1997.

The school was moved to the building, the construction of which was started in 1999 by the benevolent businessman Abdulkadir Konukoglu, with the letter of the District Directorate of National Education in Sahinbey, dated 25.10.2000 and numbered 18181, and which was temporarily handed over in November 2000.

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