Adopting the life philosophy of Sani Konukoglu, which is "Sharing is Happiness", the Sani Konukoglu Foundation was established in 1989 in order to execute the works of the Konukoglu Family and SANKO Holding for the society in the fields of education, health and culture, being the most fundamental requirements of life, with sustainable models and to have the best for our country.

Progressively continuing its services in the fields of education and health according to the Foundation's Charter, Sani Konukoglu Foundation was granted tax exemption by the Council of Ministers Decree numbered 95/7663 and dated December 20, 1995.

The income of the Foundation, which was established by the members of the Konukoglu Family; the late Sani Konukoglu, Abdulkadir Konukoglu, Zekeriye Konukoglu, Adil Sani Konukoglu, Fatih Konukoglu, Hakan Konukoglu, and some companies within SANKO Holding, is largely provided as donations from the founding members and companies within SANKO Holding.

Tuition Assistance Activities

The Sani Konukoglu Foundation has so far built 22 schools, three of which are faculty buildings, and put them at the service of Turkish National Education. Under the auspices of the foundation, SANKO University accommodating the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Vocational School of Health Services was established in 2013. With the non-refundable grant given to approximately 1,500 university students every year, the educational journeys of students are supported by meeting the clothing, stationery, etc. requirements of the needy 10,500 students who are studying at primary, secondary, and high schools.

Health Aid Activities

Setting out from the words of Sani Konukoglu, the founder of the foundation, "Those who have never waited at the hospital gate cannot appreciate the value of hospitals.", the Sani Konukoglu Hospital was put into service in 1996 and contributed to the improvement of the quality of healthcare services in the region. The hospital, which constitutes the basis of SANKO University, serves in a closed area of 60,000 m2. A healthcare complex and two healthcare centres were built and transferred to the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Culture-Art Activities

Being the first private art gallery in the South-East, Sanko Art Gallery was put into service of artists and art lovers in 2004. 185 exhibitions by more than 300 artists have been opened in the gallery since 2004.

Long-Lasting Artefacts - Mosques

Sani Konukoglu Foundation built 15 mosques in various cities of Turkey and opened them for worship.

Order of Merit and Certificate

The late Sani Konukoglu, the founder of the Foundation, who adopted the principle of "The trick is honesty" a philosophy of life, was awarded the "Order of Merit and Certificate" in accordance with the decision taken by the Council of Ministers in 1997 for the social services he offered while he was in good health.


For his beneficial services for the prosperity, education, happiness and social development of the people, Abdulkadir Konukoglu, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, was awarded "Outstanding Service Award" by the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, "Title of Honorary PhD" and "Social Awareness Award" by Gaziantep University, and the “Benevolent Person” award by the General Directorate for Foundations.