Educational Activities

Trainings are held for scholars of our foundation at various times in the centers located in Gaziantep, Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul. These trainings help our scholars within the SANKO family get the opportunity to meet and socialize, and also acquire new skills that will be useful for them in their careers and education life.

Healthcare Activities

Sani Konukoglu Foundation continues to make efforts to provide various healthcare supports to people who cannot afford financially, and to undertake their treatment both in its own institutions and different institutions.

Social Responsibility Activities

Acting from the motto “SHARING IS HAPPINESS”, the Sani Konukoglu Foundation provides various aids and makes visits to social institutions and associations such as disabled associations, which realize social projects, as well as schools, veterans and martyr’s families, mutual aid associations, nursing homes, kindergartens and children’s homes.

Sani Konukoglu Foundation holds visits, Ramadan meals and meetings in coordination with associations and institutions, which carry out social responsibility activities. Our foundation works closely with institutions such as special education centres, martyr-veteran associations, children’s homes, and aims to touch every part of the community with such activities.

Collaboration with ACEV

As part of the protocol concluded in 1998 between the Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV), which is headquartered in Istanbul, and Sani Konukoglu Foundation, a total of 10.500 adults, including 1.003 men and 9.497 women, have learned how to read and write by the help of 379 Trainers, until 2016, when the collaboration discontinued after the activities of ACEV in Gaziantep ended.


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