• In order to benefit from the Sani Konukoglu Foundation scholarship; it is necessary to be registered in the undergraduate programs of State Universities (4-6 year faculties).
  • Students who are studying at the Universities of the Foundation are not allowed to apply for a scholarship.
  • Students who are studying at Open Education and Distance Education programs are not allowed to apply for a scholarship.
  • Students who will apply for a scholarship should be in need of financial support to continue their education.
  • Scholarships are provided to Turkish citizen students who are studying in Turkey.

The application period for the scholarship is announced on our WEB page in September/October each year. Applications are made electronically through membership system on our website.

By clicking on the scholarship application link on the website on the dates determined by our Foundation;

  • Name, Surname, T.R. ID No., e-mail address and Telephone Number details are entered and a membership is created by setting a personal password.
  • An activation code is sent to the phone number defined by the student.
  • The membership is completed by entering the activation code sent to the mobile phone into the relevant field on the membership screen.
  • Scholarship candidate fills in the scholarship application form by logging in with T.R. ID Number and password.
  • Upon request; prints out the application form, signs the relevant fields, and e-mails it to the foundation along with the necessary documents specified in the application form.

Your password will be sent to your e-mail address registered in the system after you enter your T.R. ID Number by clicking forgot password button on the application membership screen.

You do not need to create a new membership as your information defined in the system is registered. You can log in with the password you entered in the previous year.

Scholarship candidates can log in with their T.R. ID Number and password from the screen on which they have applied, and edit the incorrect information within the period until the scholarship application deadline and take the printout of the application form again.

Scholarship applications are evaluated according to the information declared, and scoring is made according to their requirements and achievements. Scholarship candidates are invited to an interview when deemed necessary. Scholarship candidates who are selected in accordance with these principles are presented to the Executive Committee.

The following documents are requested from the candidates who are deemed necessary following the application for the scholarship.

1-Copy of T.R. ID Card
2-Certificate of Identity Register Copy (to be obtained from e-government)
3-Criminal Record (can be obtained from e-government or Courthouse.)
4-Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) Placement Result Document
5-YKS Result Document
6-Document Showing Family’s Income
7-Current Student Certificate (can be obtained from e-government.)
8-Deed Information of the Head of the Family Issued via E-government (if any)
9-Disability Report (if any)

Scholarship candidates are invited to an oral interview when deemed necessary.

Sani Konukoglu Foundation grants scholarships to students studying at undergraduate and associate degree levels. In addition to this, scholarships are not granted to students who are/will be studying at primary, high school, postgraduate, and doctorate levels.

Scholarships for students who continue their education successfully and who do not have any lack of discipline that requires the scholarship to be terminated continue during the normal education period in the education program that they are enrolled in. The scholarship of the scholarship student who repeats a grade level is terminated.

Scholarship students are required to come to our foundation or to the addresses announced by the foundation in various cities every year and fill in their petitions demanding the continuation of their scholarship.

Furthermore, the student should send his/her document showing that he/she has passed to a higher grade by mail to the foundation’s address by the end of OCTOBER.

Sani Konukoglu Foundation’s scholarships are non-refundable and do not impose a repayment or service obligation to the student. However, if the student has a profession after graduation, he/she may wish to provide financial support to another student.

Yes, mid-year students can also apply for a scholarship if they meet the required conditions.

Those who are entitled to receive a scholarship from the Sani Konukoglu Foundation will be informed by e-mail and telephone in November.

Various aids are provided by the Sani Konukoglu Foundation in the fields of education and health.

SANKO Holding companies allocate quotas to Sani Konukoglu Foundation scholarship students only for compulsory internships. Scholarship students can apply via the foundation’s WEB page until the end of March at the latest.